Tank Services

Installation, Maintenance & Removal

Commercial Tank Services

Firms, agencies, municipalities, and institutions across MA, NH, ME and RI entrust CommTank with the continuity of their mission-critical operations. 

Our experienced team of in-house multi-disciplined experts use our own equipment to perform everything related to the installation, maintenance, testing, removal and replacement of aboveground and underground storage tanks.  We source, install, and maintain ASTs and USTs; perform tank inspection and reporting; conduct underground tank repairs and upgrades; convert tanks from water to oil; clean up and remediate oil and fuel spills; and offer scheduled maintenance, storage tank management programs, and industry-leading fuel testing & analysis.  Days, nights, and weekends – for 250-gallon to 1 million-gallon tanks – we do it all.

This comprehensive, single-source support and accountability is vital to the peak performance of the systems our clients require for heating and cooling, data storage, backup power, fuel storage and on-site fueling.  It also represents efficiency, compliance and cost-savings for our clients including IBM, MassPort, TJX Companies, Tufts University, UMass, Keene State University, Hospitals, Technology firms, Power producers, Gas stations, and Municipal, DPW, police and fire departments.

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Industrial Services

CommTank’s industrial services enable commercial and industrial facilities throughout New England to safely and cost-effectively operate at peak efficiency. Public and private clients trust our team as their local full-service resource for Commercial Plumbing, Flood Response and Recovery; Emergency Response and Rescue, Concrete Repair, Industrial Coatings and Equipment Rental. Our experienced industrial service experts use CommTank-owned specialty vehicles, tools and equipment to support mission-critical facilities across a wide range of industries. From proactive scheduled maintenance services to as-needed cleaning, repair and replacement of plumbing and tank systems to reliable emergency spill and flood response, you can count on CommTank for consistent service and quality results.

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Residential Tank Services

Homeowners and residential property managers throughout our service areas in MA, NH, ME, and RI rely on CommTank for efficient, cost-effective, full-service installation and support of the aboveground and underground tanks that fuel their heating and cooling systems and emergency generators. 

Oil companies respect our team’s experience, responsiveness and attention to detail – so they consistently refer clients for us to furnish, install, maintain, replace, and remediate aboveground and underground oil tanks.  They also engage our CommTank team for emergency tank replacement, which typically includes setup of temporary tanks to maintain homeowners’ fuel systems while a new tank installation is permitted and scheduled.  We have strong relationships with local departments of fire services who oversee and permit tank installation and removal.

Our in-house experts specialize in safe, cost-effective tank removal and creative tank upgrades that accommodate older homes with tanks and utilities installed prior to framing. We also locate underground tanks, remove boilers and furnaces, clean up oil spills, and pump out fueling systems of homes, aircraft, boats, and emergency generators in support of maintenance.

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Environmental Tank Services

When you need a professional with the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle any size environmental project – from emergency spill response, cleanup and remediation; to dismantling and demolition; environmental drilling; and excavation services – CommTank is the team to call. 

Whether your issue is a leaking tank, line, or furnace; a refueling spill; or an underground storage tank failure, our remediation teams have the experience, technical ability, and operational expertise to ensure that proper remediation procedures are permitted, performed, documented and reported. 

For example, a leaking fuel storage tank requires assessment to determine the extent of the leak; soil and ground water sampling; tank removal; concrete break-up; proper removal and disposal of contaminated soil at a recycling center; further sampling to ensure no further impact to the soil; ground water remediation, including installation of a pump or filter as-needed; backfill and compacting; and compression testing to ensure no further settling.  We perform all services in-house and work closely with the state to obtain permits and complete all reporting.

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