Abandoned Underground Oil Tank Delays Brewery Construction

Abandoned Underground Oil Tank Delays Brewery Construction

CommTank was contacted by the owners of the Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge because they were cutting into the concrete floor to install new piping for the brewery operation but encountered an underground steel tank instead. They thought they were looking at the top of a 200 to 500 gallon tank. The owners, Cayla Marvil and AC Jones, are leasing the 10,000 square foot building at 284 Broadway between Central Square and Inman Square, and plan to brew, package, and sell beer from this location. Their goal is to be a 20-barrel brewhouse with a 40-barrel fermenter. The former garage used to be the home of Metric Systems Automotive Service.

Breaking up the cement fill in this abandoned underground tank

The Lamplighter Brewing Company hired CommTank for the removal and disposal of the abandoned underground storage tank. CommTank crews began the job by breaking up the remaining slab to remove the underground tank and discovered the tank was actually a 3,000-gallon waste oil tank that had been filled with cement slurry. From the town records, we estimated that the tank had been filled and abandoned 40 years ago. It took CommTank crews 2 days to expose the underground tank and remove the contaminated slurry from inside. Crews then cut up the tank shell and brought it to a steel recycling yard. Since the slurry was contaminated with oil the crew had to load and transport the material to a licensed disposal facility.


The bottom of the excavation was tested for contamination using an organic vapor meter and none was found. A 12-foot deep hole had to be refilled with clean soil so the brewery could continue the trench and drain installation. The brewery is now ready to start building walls, hooking up tanks, and finalizing the brewery side renovations.

Corroded bottom of steel underground tank in Cambridge Massachusetts

For more information about removing abandoned underground storage tanks, contact one of our tank experts at 1-800-628-8260.

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