CommTank Awarded 3-year Contract with Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

CommTank Awarded 3-year Contract with Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

We are pleased to announce that CommTank was awarded a 3-year contract to provide tank inspection and maintenance services at the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA).  This contract includes services such as third party inspections, annual preventative maintenance, tank testing and calibration, emergency on-call and non-emergency on-call personnel.  CommTank will also provide repair services for automatic tank gauges, tank management systems, and underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks, as well as replacement parts. 

The fuel storage tanks covered in the contract consist of forty-seven underground and aboveground storage tanks at thirty-two MWRA facilities. Ten of the facilities have vehicle fuel dispensing equipment for either diesel or gasoline.  The contract also includes testing and maintenance of four underground oil-water separators with monitoring systems and/or cathodic protection systems.  CommTank will also act as the Class B Operator for the facilities and conduct monthly visual inspections and provide Class C Operator training as needed if personnel change during the 3-year period. 

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services regulates the schedule that storage tank and monitoring equipment operators must adhere to. To help clients meet these regulations CommTank provides inspection, maintenance and testing of monitoring and leak detection systems, overfill prevention and alarm devices, and spill prevention equipment on an annual basis.  Annual preventative maintenance, testing and calibration services are all part of CommTank’s comprehensive storage tank services.

You can read more about these services at our tank inspection, testing and certification pages.

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