CommTank on the scene at oil spill in Arlington

CommTank on the scene at oil spill in Arlington

As if dealing with the aftermath of last week’s snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice wasn’t bad enough, the owners of a duplex on Marathon Street in Arlington, MA also had to contend with the consequences of an accidental oil spill.

While filling an oil tank at the site, a local oil distributor experienced an equipment malfunction and at least 150 gallons of fuel oil spurted out onto the snow, slush, and ice that had piled up in the wake of this winter’s relentless storms.

CommTank, a Wakefield, MA based company that specializes in emergency oil spill response was called to the scene on February 4 to assess the extent of the spill and quickly begin cleanup before the spill caused even bigger problems.

CommTank technicians are placing oil absorbent booms and pads to collect prevent the oil from migrating

As CommTank Project Manager Dan Hoag noted, “Despite less than ideal on-the-ground conditions, once our HAZMAT trained crew arrived on the site they immediately initiated action to contain the spill. Their number one priority was to reduce the migration of the spilled oil, stopping its entry into water systems by blocking access to drains, sumps, and sewer lines. Quickly and effectively corralling the spill provides a cost-effective and environmentally sound solution.”

CommTank crew shovel contaminated snow from the street and melt it in a steel temp tank.

After the initial clean up, CommTank will continue to test and monitor the site to ensure quality standards mandated by the state have been met. This will include soil testing to determine ground oil levels as well as water analysis if there are indicators that the oil spill has reached the water table. Site remediation will continue until oil levels are below state requirements.

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