Tank Inspection at New Boston Bruins Practice Facility

Tank Inspection at New Boston Bruins Practice Facility

CommTank provided tank inspection services at Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton, Massachusetts. Opening in September, it is the location of the new Boston Bruins practice facility. The facility is visible from the Massachusetts Turnpike and only 20 minutes from the TD Garden. The venue is state of the art in terms of amenities, technology and quality. It also has an unusual landmark installed outside. A 68-foot Warrior hockey stick adorns the front entrance and may someday rival the iconic Kenmore Square Citgo sign or Gillette Stadium’s Lighthouse.

An inside view of the new Warrior Ice Arena

A tank inspection was requested to provide the property management company a baseline for future API 653 tank inspections. As part of the assessment, our inspector verified proper installation of the generator day tank, pump system, vent piping, emergency vents, and leak detection equipment. The inspector also performed a steel thickness test using an ultrasonic testing device. When the survey was complete, we provided a written outcome report that included a written summary, a recommended external inspection interval and a statement that the inspection was performed in accordance with the latest standards of the Steel Tank Institute.Backup generator tank for the Warrior Ice Rink

The Boston Bruins said in a release that the area will be open to the public when Warrior Ice Arena opens in September. There will be seating for 650 fans to attend Bruin’s practices. Unlike the exclusive new Celtics practice facility, Warrior Ice Arena will be available to host a variety of programs, leagues, and special events.

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