Important Underground Storage Tank Compliance Deadlines

May 16, 2016

Deadlines Updated March 31, 2016



The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) reminds owners and operators to be aware of compliance deadlines regarding requirements for upgrading, testing or inspecting certain types of UST equipment or UST systems. In addition to the list below, more detailed information on each of these requirements can be found in the UST regulations found at:

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Equipment Requirement Deadline
Ball Float Valves Phase-Out: New or replacement overfill ball float valves installed on or after January 2, 2015 are prohibited as the primary overfill prevention device. See: 310 CMR 80.21(2)(a) January 2, 2015.
High-level Overfill Alarms New Design: All high-level overfill alarms installed on or after January 2, 2015 must be visible and audible. See: 310 CMR 80.21(2)(b)2.a. January 2, 2015.
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (without voltage or amperage meters) Upgrade: Retrofit with meters upon the first annual test of the system after January 2, 2015. See: 310 CMR 80.29(4)(c) Upon first annual test after January 2, 2015.
Manhole Sump Covers (covers for turbine sumps) New Design: If installed on or after January 2, 2015: final grade must channel storm water away from sump cover. See:310 CMR 80.20(5) January 2, 2015
Product Fill Spill Buckets New Capacity Requirement: On or after January 2, 2015, new or replacement buckets must have a minimum capacity of least five (5) gallons. Limited exception for three (3) gallons. See: 310 CMR 80.21(1)(a) January 2, 2015
Pressurized Piping Systems Installed Between January 1, 1989, and May 28, 1999 Leak Detection: Beginning on January 2, 2015, UST systems installed between January 1, 1989, and May 28, 1999, must implement one of three leak detection methods (a) continuous interstitial monitoring, (b) quarterly visual inspections plus annual tightness testing, or (c) in-tank monitoring system. See: 310 CMR 80.19(4)(b)1. January 2, 2015
Pressurized Piping Systems Installed Before May 28, 1999 Upgrade: Install Automatic Line Leak Detectors (ALLD) no later than January 2, 2016. See: 310 CRM 80.04(3) Table A and 310 CMR 80.19(4)(b)2. January 2, 2016
Single Wall Steel Tanks (in-service and temporarily out-of-service) Remove or close-in-place no later than August 7, 2017. See: 310 CMR 80.15 For more detail, please see the Frequently Asked Questions:
August 7, 2017
Soil Vapor Monitoring Prohibited: UST systems installed before January 1, 1989 are no longer allowed to use soil vapor monitoring as a leak detection method, after January 2, 2017. Approved methods of leak detection are found at 310 CMR 80.19. See: 310 CMR 80.19(3)(b)5 January 2, 2017
Product Fill Spill Buckets Testing: Conduct integrity tests. See: 80.21(1)(c); 80.28(2)(f) and (g) Test must be performed between January 2, 2015, and January 2, 2017, and every five (5) years thereafter
Sumps (turbine, intermediate and dispenser sumps) Test all sumps: Conduct integrity test on or before January 2, 2017. See: 310 CMR 80.27(7) and (8) Tests must be performed between January 2, 2015, and January 2, 2017.
Tightness Testing Standard for All Tanks and Pipe/Line Testing Change in Testing Standard: • Until January 1, 2018, test must be capable of detecting release/leakage of 0.1 gal per hour. • On or after January 1, 2018, test must be capable of detecting release/leakage of 0.05 gal per hour. See: 310 CMR 80.32(1) January 1, 2018
Submersible Pumps/Turbine Sumps (tanks with submersible pumps that do not have turbine sumps) Upgrade to a turbine sump by January 1, 2019 or when the tank top is upgraded, whichever is earlier, or remove or permanently close tank. New turbine sumps must be tested before installation. See: 310 CMR 80.04(3)(b) and Table A; 310 CMR 80.20(3); and 310 CMR 80.20(4) January 1, 2019