Veeder Root Certification

Veeder Root Certification

CommTank is pleased to announce that Kevin Hoag and Luis Diaz recently added Veeder Root system testing to their list of certifications. Tank monitoring system testing is required by the State of Massachusetts on a yearly basis. With this new certification, Luis and Kevin can now install, program, and service the TLS-450 and TLS-3XX series of underground storage tank (UST) monitoring systems. These systems are also known as automatic tank gauging systems (ATGS).

If you are interested in scheduling calibration, maintenance, a third-party evaluation, or just need technical support. Please call us a 1-800-628-8260.

You can also find automatic tank gauging system information, compliance information to help meet federal UST regulatory requirements, links to state regulatory authorities, and other UST information at the EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks website at

For more information about Automatic Tank Gauges from Veeder Root, check out our fuel management service page.

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