Below-Grade Spill Bucket

OPW 15-gallon Spill BucketOPW 101BG-2100 Series Below-Grade Spill Containers

OPW Below-Grade Spill Containment Manholes are used in new tank or riser pipe installations. The watertight spill containment chamber is installed completely below grade level. A grade level manhole cover lies flush with the driveway grade to reduce a tripping hazard and the potential for damage from snow plows and traffic. Surface water drains into the backfill between the manhole skirt and the exterior of the containment bucket. Below-grade spill containers are available in thread-on and slip-on configurations in 5 and 15-gallon capacities.


Features & Benefits

  • Pull-to-Open Drain Valve - Allows high-speed drainage of excess product into the tank. Designed with a convenient self-cleaning seal and removable screen for easier component cleaning. (CARB Approved) 
  • Capacity - 5-gallon and 15-gallon capacities. 
  • Outer Shell - The outer shell isolates the containment vessel from the surrounding concrete and gravel. This high-density polyethylene shell is designed to provide space between the outer shell and the containment vessel to allow any surface water that enters to flow into the backfill, not the containment vessel. Elimination of water in the spill container reduces product contamination and ice formation during cold winter months. 
  • Vapor-Tight Lid - A unique, hinged and sealed containment vessel lid provides a vapor-tight seal, designed to prevent vapors from escaping at ground level while eliminating the accumulation of dirt and water that contaminate fuel. Incorporating a special lid interlock design, the grade level cover cannot be replaced on the outer shell without the lever being in the closed and locked position. 
  • Composite Grade Level Cover - Made of sturdy fiberglass-reinforced composite, the grade cover is less prone to theft than aluminum covers, and lighter in weight than cast iron. In addition, the cover lies flush with the actual grade so no ramps are required to support the cover, eliminating snow plow hazards and "speed bumps." (Optional steel plate cover is also available) • Fuel Compatibility - Designed to accommodate the fuels of the future, including methanol, ethanol and fuels with MTBE additives. 
  • Easy Installation - Reduces job-site time and installation costs. Simply thread the Duratuff® II base (cast iron base is optional)
    onto a standard 4" schedule 40 pipe. Guides are provided to assure proper positioning of the spill container. The hinged lid orientation is adjustable during installation for site-specific placement. 
  • Product Identification Tags - Available for both the spill container cover and bucket to positively identify the product contained in the UST with standard API symbols. (See product I.D. tag specification page for more information.) 
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) - All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.