Convault Tanks

ConVault above ground fuel storage tanks, are a patented system utilizing a primary steel tank, integral secondary containment, and an engineered concrete outer vault to provide a UL listed, impact resistant, time tested fluid storage solution.

Convault Applications

  • Generator & Boiler SetsConvault-Tank-Installation-3.jpg
  • Fuel & Lube Dispensing
  • Oil & Chemical Storage

Every ConVault Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) offers superior strength, performance, and durability. Some additional qualities include:

  • Exterior Shell made of steel reinforced precast concrete increases in strength over time.Convault-Tank-Installation.jpg
  • Rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Performs in even the most aggressive environments.
  • Resistant to rain penetration, flood damage, and impact.
  • Withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles unlike other materials, which can deteriorate quickly with such regular exposure to expansion and contraction.
  • Concrete vaulted tanks are designed to minimize the effects of creep and shrinkage.Convault-Tank-Installation-2.jpg

Convault Tanks are available in sizes ranging from 125 to 12,000 gallons, in standard or multi-compartment configurations. Multi-compartment tanks allow multiple liquids such as gas and diesel to be stored in a small footprint.  Convault Tanks are blast and impact resistant.  The exterior steel reinforced concrete is engineered to prevent puncture and withstand the impact from transportation related to facility operations such as forklifts and motor vehicles. The concrete exterior provides a low maintenance surface that insulates and protects the inner steel from corrosion. 

UL Listed

ConVault AST is listed in accordance with:

  • ULC 142.16
  • ULC 142.23
  • UL Standard 2085 Insulated/Secondary Containment for above ground Storage Tanks

Locally Manufactured

Oldcastle Precast — Rotondo is located in Rehobeth Massachusetts. Oldcastle Precast uses state of the art tooling to manufacture products of the highest quality. Each plant is held to the rigid standards of the Oldcastle Precast quality control program, as well as industry certifications.



  1. Fuel Dispensing                 
  2. Level Indicator       
  3. Steel Primary Tank                       
  4. Polystyrene Thermal Layer                    
  5. HDPE Secondary Liner
  6. Steel Reinforced Concrete          
  7. Cast-In Support Legs
  8. Internal Structural Bracing
  9. Atmospheric Vent
  10.  Leak Detector Tube
  11. Overfill Containment
  12. Emergency Vent
  13. Precast Concrete Slab
  14. Hazmat Signage (optional)