Cummins Power Generation Base Tanks

Single/dual wall sub-base and in-skid fuel tanks (10-230 kW)

Cummins Diesel Fuel Base Tank


Cummins Power Generation diesel fuel tanks are rectangular steel tanks constructed of heavy gauge steel (8, 10 and 12 gauge) and include a reinforced steel box channel for generator support. Full height gussets (subbase only) are provided at generator set mounting holes.

The design has been tested extensively under conditions far in excess of normal use to ensure that it can safely support the full weight of the generator set. Dual wall sub-base tanks are designed with a sealed, separately vented, integral fuel containment basin. All tanks are pressure washed with an iron phosphate solution and then finished with an acrylic primer and enamel paint. The interior is coated with a solvent-based rust preventative.

Tanks are UL Listed as secondary containment generator base tanks and meet the requirements of UL 142. Inner and outer (dual wall only) tanks are pressurized at 3 psi and leak checked to ensure integrity of weld seams per UL 142 standards prior to shipment.

These tanks hold an amount of fuel for a specified number of hours of operation such as 12 or 24 hours. Due to tank standardization, tanks may have an actual run time of more than what is specified (i.e., specified 12 hour tank may actually hold 21 hours of fuel or 24 hour tank may actually hold 36 hours of fuel). Refer to generator spec sheets for fuel consumption rates to calculate exact run-time of desired tank.

Note that the attached tanks may be used in Florida because the code applies to tanks 550 gallons and above.


  • UL 142/ULC-S601-7 Listed - Secondary containment generator sub-base tank meets UL requirements.
  • Designed to meet requirements of NFPA – NFPA 30, NFPA 37 and NFPA 110.
  • Emergency pressure relief vent cap - Meets or exceeds UL requirements. Insures adequate venting and pressure relief for inner and outer tank under extreme temperature and emergency conditions.
  • Atmospheric vent cap - Accommodates normal venting (oversized 3" vent is raised above the fuel fill).
  • Raised fuel fill - Includes lockable flip top to prevent tampering and/or fuel contamination.
  • Fuel level gauge - Provides direct reading, top mounted.
    Modular tank design - Generator set support and mounting design accepts multiple Cummins Power Generation generator sets within designated genset groupings.
  • Enclosure compatible - Accepts drop-over weather protective and sound attenuated enclosures.
  • Tank to foundation ground clearance - Allows for visual secondary containment leak detection.
  • Tank top mounting bracket - Provides mounting for (optional) pump and control for day tank operation.
  • Options - Pump and controls, rupture basin switch, and low fuel level switch.