Dudick Protecto-Coat System

Chemical storage tank lined with Dudick Protecto-Coat 100XT

Dudick is a world leader in custom-engineered high-performance floorings, coatings and linings. All Dudick products are engineered and manufactured for the highest possible performance level. They pass the most rigorous tests for quality and long-term durability.


High-build, glass-flake coatings for fast economical application by brush, roller or spray. Corrosion protection can range from mild atmospheric exposures to immersion, depending on resin base and finished DFT.

Protecto-Coat 100XT uses a moisture-tolerant primer and two coats of low temperature cure, flake-filled novolac epoxy resin to protect concrete and metal substrates.

Primer 67 is designed to prevent abrasive-blasted steel from developing rust bloom prior to the application of the Protecto-Coat 100XT. For maximum performance, all metal surfaces should be primed, but primer may not be needed for mild, non-immersion service. Concrete must be primed to aid in the “wetting out” required for good bonding.

Primer 67C is designed for applications on concrete where spark testing is required or specified.

Basecoat/Topcoat: The novolac epoxy binder and overlapping flake fillers in Protecto-Coat 100XT provide the low permeability, high film integrity, and excellent chemical resistance required for prolonged substrate protection.

Dudick Protecto-Coat Part A and B


  • Meets all VOC Requirements
  • Can Saturate 1 Ounce Fiberglass Mat
  • Can be filled with EA-1 Aggregate and Troweled at 1/4”.
  • Can be seeded with Sand or Aluminum Oxide for Anti-Skid.


  • Secondary Containment Storage Tanks
  • Structural Steel Pump Housings
  • Floors (Spillage)


  • Inorganic Acids Oils
  • Alkali Solutions Solvents
  • Salts
  • Sulfuric Acid (98%)


  • Immersion up to 130ºF
  • Dry - 250ºF - Continuous
  • 300ºF - Intermittent

COLORS: Color Chart information is available upon request. Not available in Bright White.

Aboveground storage tank lined with Protecto-Coat 100XT


Compressive Strength       9,000 - 9,500 PSI (ASTM C-579)

Tensile Strength               3,000 - 3,500 PSI (ASTM C-307)

Flexural Strength              5,000 - 5,200 PSI (ASTM C-580)

Shore D Hardness             80 – 85 (ASTM D-2240)

Taber Abrasion                  50 mg. (ASTM D-4060)

Flame Spread                    ASTM D-635 <5 mm

VOC                                 ASTM D-3960 <50 g/l

WVT                                 ASTM E-96 0.0018 perm. in.

Additional production information and specifications can be found at the Ducick Inc website.