Fuel Master 2500 Plus Fuel Management System

FuelMaster ® saves you money by eliminating manual tracking of fuel transactions and increasing accountability. The same reliable FuelMaster ® equipment that’s FuelMaster_2500_Plus_FMS.jpgbeen the fleet managers’ choice for years has been upgraded to increase productivity and provide a quicker return on investment.

The FuelMaster ® 2500 Plus series adds additional features that make it the most effective fuel management system on the market for many years to come. Flash memory has been added to permit updating the fuel island operating system without changing chips. The Plus system has increased memory and processor speed and the database has been upgraded to Access 2000. The Plus system also supports a network card to permit Internet access. FuelMaster® software now has more flexibility in the customization of reports. FuelMaster ® also communicates directly with electronic dispensers to permit interfaces with blended MPDs and the capability of remotely changing dispenser prices.


Electronic Read/Write keys and cards are great for fleet operations or gas club members. PROKEE ®s are high strength, plastic composite keys containing nonvolatile, read/write memory chips, which can be encoded with confidential information to control access to dispensers and streamline product transaction data.FuelMaster-2500-_Plus-Access-Key-Closeup.jpg

FuelMaster®’s patented radio frequency tag system takes driver data entry out of the information collection equation. The odometer or chronometer data, along with other information is automatically collected by the island fuel management unit without driver effort. An AIM (auto­motive information module) unit is installed on the equip­ment and collects and stores information and sends it to the fuel management unit by RF during fueling operations. This system works concurrently with the use of PROKEE ®s or smart cards so that the (AIM) units may be added to equip­ment currently using electronic read/write access devices.

The FuelMaster ® 2500 Plus’ capabilities to support self-serve retail applications have also been increased. As well as being on an ever increasing number of credit card networks, prepaid smart cards and PROKEE ®s can be issued to customers. The system operator may also enter up to 300 credit card numbers of repeat customers with a specified discount for each. The Plus system also returns more credit card information and settle-up data to the PC software for easier tracking of fuel purchases.The ability to price fuel at multiple remote sites has been enhanced to ensure you’re in control of your fuel.

A real-time, on-site journal printer can provide hard copy backups of all transactions. A receipt printer is also available.FuelMaster_2500_Plus_Pedestal_Mount.JPG

FuelMaster ® is a leader in the alternative fuels arena…from CNG to E85! FuelMaster ® can control and measure any liquid or gaseous fuel. Leaders in the alternative fuels field chose FuelMaster ® because of its reliability and ease of maintenance.

Based on odometer/hour readings, the system calculates vehicle efficiency and fuel consumption and alerts the driver and supervisor to maintenance requirements.

The addition of a tank monitor interface kit permits automatic reconciliation of tank levels with FuelMaster ® ‘s declining balance. FuelMaster ® interfaces with most popu­lar tank monitors.

For an overview of the FuelMaster 2500 Plus operation at the City of Pleasanton watch the demonstration video below. It's a great step-by-step example of how your employees would use this system.