Preferred Utilities Pump Sets

The Automatic Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Set is a state-of- the-art duplex pump sequencing and monitoring system manufactured by Preferred Utilities. This system includes automatic lag pump backup features that improve fuel system availability and safety. A pump set mounted LCD display is used to monitor day tank and pump set status and alarms.

Fuel oil pump set

• Loop or Day Tank Fuel Oil Transfer System

- No. 2 or No. 4 Fuel Oil

- Flows from 20 to 2200 GPH

- Industrial type Cast Iron Internal Gear Pumps

• Microprocessor-Based Monitoring and Control

- Large LCD display

- Elapsed Time Recorders

- Main Storage Tank Gauge and Discriminating Leak Monitoring (optional)

• Automatic Lead/Lag

- Lead pump manual selection or automatic alternation on call for operation or run time hours

- Automatic lag pump back-up based on lead pump thermal overload, failure to produce flow, fuel demand exceeds capacity of the lead pump

- Automatic pump prime and suction line integrity check. Fuel transfer system suction piping, pump prime and pump operation are automatically verified each week (adjustable). Fuel system trouble can be identified and repaired before the unit is needed.

• Alarm and Event Summaries

- Alarm and event summary with Time and Date Stamp

The Automatic Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Set is a factory packaged, pre-engineered, pre-wired and pre-plumbed system that includes pumps, industrial motors and accessories. These systems are shipped to the job site, requiring only external fluid and electrical connections ensuring undivided responsibility of delivering fuel at the selected flow.

Fuel oil pump set from UST to boiler and generator

Standard Equipment

• Microprocessor-based control with 16 line x 40 character LCD display and alarm/event and operator action log in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

• Control circuit transformer (if required)

• Alarm bell with alarm silence/reset pushbutton

• Two “Hand-Off-Auto” switches

• “Pump On” indicators

• Two magnetic motor starters with overload protection

• Two motor circuit breakers

• Two pump & motor assemblies

• Two relief valves, two check valves and four ball valves

• Two Simplex inlet strainers

• Inlet compound gauge

• Pump discharge pressure gauges

• Three gauge isolation valves

• Pump Set Flow Proving Switch and Base assembly