Gasboy Commercial and Fleet Dispensers

Choose from the industry’s leading range of pump and dispenser models, with features and options designed specifically to meet the unique needs of fleet operators.

The Gasboy® Atlas series is rugged, durable, reliable and perfectly suited for the tough fleet fueling environment. Electronic and mechanical choices are lit for unattended applications. High flow, Super High Flow, and Ultra High models provide fast fueling for large vehicles. Satellite dispensers allow simultaneous fueling of saddle tanks to reduce fueling time.

Gasboy Atlas pumps and dispensers are compatible with a full range of Gasboy Fleet Management Systems to help you track and manage your fleet better. From the most simple system to the most comprehensive one, Gasboy offers turnkey solutions to simplify your operation.

Gasboy 9100 Series ProoductAtlas® 9100K Series

The Atlas® 9100K Series fleet fuel dispenser uses a traditional mechanical register and delivers dependable performance in nearly any fleet fuel management application. Standard-, high-, and super high-speed mechanical commercial dispensers are available in the Atlas 9100K Series. Using the satellite piping option, you can pair satellite fuel dispensers with standard- or high-speed remote fuel dispensers to create a fueling system that meets your needs precisely.


  • Commercial-grade construction and superior corrosion resistance / Longer life and greater cost effectiveness
  • Field-proven flow-through fuel meter / Superior accuracy and performance, even in contaminated environments
  • Exceptional service and support / More than 500 distributors and more than 750 authorized service contractors mean prompt service response anywhere in the world

9800K-Series-Fleet-Fuel-Dispenser.pngAtlas® 9800K Series

The Atlas® 9800K Series fleet fuel dispenser product line offers standard-, high-, super high, and ultra high-speed electronic commercial dispensers. When equipped with the satellite piping option, the 9800K Series dispensers may be paired with standard- or high-speed remote fleet fuel dispensers to create fast, highly reliable and accurate fueling systems. Available with side or front load configurations, 9800K Series fleet fuel dispensers are built around a galvanized steel frame to deliver great performance for decades. Put these dependable fleet fuel dispensers to work in your fuel management system. Talk with your Gasboy distributor to learn more.


  • Direct connection to Gasboy CFN systems / Allows for easy integration with comprehensive fuel management system
  • Factory-equipped, top-mounted TopKAT fuel management system option / Provides virtual “plug-and-play” integration with other Gasboy products
  • Pulse output / Means easy connection to fuel control systems from Gasboy and other manufacturers