Pump Sets, Generator Sub-base Tanks, and Tank Filling Systems

duplex-pump.jpgCommTank is an authorized installer and reseller of Pryco products. The installation of emergency generator tanks should be performed under the oversight of a certified tank installer. This ensures that the leak detection, spill protection, and overfill prevention devices are properly installed so that the tank will meet permit requirements. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff can assist you with all your fuel system needs.

Duplex Pump Sets provide primary and secondary transfer pumps to move fuel from bulk storage tanks to generator day tanks. The pump sets are configured to provide the rated flows and protect the pump operation from damage while allowing for simple maintenance. Some models of day tanks are shipped with top mounted pump sets installed so this system would not be needed in that configuration.


Sub-base Tanks are designed for the safe and efficient storage of diesel fuel and support of the power generator. A sub-base configuration consists of the generator placed directly on top of the fuel supply tank. This configuration is also referred to as a “pedestal” or “GenSet” tank. In many situations the tank is either secondarily contained (diked) or of double-wall design.


Tank Filling Systems provide a quick and easy means of filling aboveground storage tanks from grade level while eliminating the need for ladders/stairs to access the top of the tank. These systems can deliver petroleum products and automotive products.

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