Husky Model 5885 - UST Vent Valve

The Husky 5885 is the only CARB approved Phase One EVR vent valve available for use in California. The valve is identified with yellow colored labels one of which boldly identifies the vent valve as EVR approved. The 5885 pressure/vacuum vent valve is designed and factory tested to perform at less than 1/3 the allowable leak rate as defined by CARB test method CP-201. This lower leak rate allows up to three pressure vent valves to be installed within one system.


  • The Husky® 5885 pressure / vacuum (P/V) vent incorporates three separate valves to control over-pressure and vacuum conditions that arise in storage tanks. This three valve system provides the necessary protection and durability needed in a UST vent cap.
  • The 5885 has an internal screen to protect the pressure plate in the event of a bad bulk drop.
  • The vacuum valve is diaphragm operated and provides 10 times more sealing force than gravity devices. It consistantly opens at 6” – 10” of water column (WC) / 1.5 – 2.5 KPa vacuum.
  • The first over-pressure valve is diaphragm operated, giving 10 times more sealing force than gravity devices. It opens at 2.5” – 6” WC / .63 – 1.5 KPa pressure.
  • The safety over-pressure valve is designed to handle high pressure / high flow conditions. This valve will vent up to 7900 SCFH at 2 psi / .14 bar.
  • Certified to less than 1/3 of the CARB EVR Standard CP-201 which allows installation of three (3) P/V vents maximum. This reduces installation time by not having to manifold the vent pipes together.
  • The 5885 is a threaded vent cap that is easily installed by using the cast-on hex nut. This also allows tightening without having to go between vent pipes.
  • Constructed from materials 100% compatible with B0-B20 and E0-E85.


Body: Aluminum

Screen:  40 Mesh Stainless Steel

Internal Screen:  40 Mesh Stainless Steel

Set Screws:  Stainless Steel

Deflector:  Aluminum