Kohler Generator Base Tanks

If it’s environmental protection you want, you’re in the right place. KOHLER® tanks feature two pressure-tested containment walls to keep your fuel where it should be—inside. Plus, they’re coated with Power Armor Plus™ (a textured epoxy-based, rubberized finish) for heavy duty durability.

Kohler Generator Base Tank Installation at Bose


Environmental Protection

Our tanks are UL-approved secondary containment tanks and can be confi gured to meet cUL, IBC, OSHPD and other required codes.

Multiple Sizes

Usable tank capacities provide up to 96 hours of operation. Efficient fuel pump generates high fuel lift, which allows for tremendous flexibility to configure remote fuel delivery systems.

Custom Options

Choose from alarm panels, spill-fill containments, high fuel switches, tank markings and more.

Premium Protection

Our Power Armor Plus — polyurea-textured coating eliminates the need for exterior epoxy treatment and provides excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection.

  1. State Tank - Spill-fill containments, three-alarm panel, fuel basin switch and tank markings
  2. Emergency Pressure Relief Vents - Ensure proper venting of inner and outer tank during extreme conditions
  3. Normal Vent with Cap - Raised above the lockable fuel fill cap
  4. Electrical Stub-up - Features large stub-up area for easy installation
  5. Leak Detection Switch - Annunciates a contained primary tank fuel leak at generator control
  6. Fuel Switch - Interfaces with controller to provide fuel level indication

Kohler Generator Base Tank