Oil Water Separator and Grease Trap Tanks

CommTank offers a complete line of oil water separators and grease trap tanks that are easy to operate, and maintain. Each system is UL tested and certified, and are classified Highland-Single-Basin-Grease-Interceptor-UST.jpgas the strongest and most reliable in the industry. Installing an oil water separator or grease trap tank is not as straightforward as installing other storage tanks. An evaluation of the flow rates and contaminant levels must be done to determine which system is appropriate for each specific application. Prior to installation of this system, engineering specifications and drawings are created, and approval from the city or town must be attained. 

Grease trap tanks are commonly used by the food service industry to remove grease, oil, and fat from discharged Highland-Double-Basin-Grease-Interceptor-AST.jpgwastewater. After separation, the water is released to a sewer and the grease remains in the tank until appropriately disposed of. Oil water separators are typically installed in industrial areas and handle oily wastewater from vehicle fueling and maintenance, washing, bulk fuel storage, and environmental remediation sites. It is important to take note of your town’s sewer discharge limits, as only a certain amount of oil can be discharged at a time. Oil water separators and grease trap tanks may be installed either aboveground or underground, and may be constructed of fiberglass or steel, depending on each site’s specific requirements.