Morrison Overfill Prevention Valves

The 9095S AST Overfill Prevention Valve is installed at the fill port of a storage tank. Used in a pressurized tight fill application, the valve helps prevent tank overfills by closing when the liquid level reaches a pre-set warning level (90-95% full). The valve is installed on a standard 2” NPT male connection and has a built-in bleed hole that allows the fill hose pressure to be relieved after the valve closes. This bleed hole also provides anti-siphon protection for the valve. When installed to manufacturer requirements, the Morrison 9095S Overfill Prevention Valve can eliminate hazardous liquid spills.Overfill-Prevention-Valves-Front-Mod-Num.jpg

The 9095A Overfill Prevention Valve is designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized fill. The valve installs at the fill port of a storage tank and can be set to the desired shut-off level by using standard length pipe nipples. Valve float and construction is compatible for use with aviation fuels.



  • Minimum requirements for valve operation: 5 GPM inlet fl ow and 5 PSI inlet pressure.
  • Maximum allowable pressure is 100psi.
  • Maximum allowable viscosity is 150 centistokes.
  • This device is intended to be used as a secondary shutoff and should not be the only system in place to prevent a tank from overfilling. It is the sole responsibility of the operator to continuously monitor operations to prevent any spillage regardless of the situation or status of the valve.
  • The valve must be used with clean product. Contamination from products such as used oil may cause the valve to function improperly. Line strainers or filters should be used on the fill piping or delivery vehicle to insure clean product.
  • This valve does not work with a drop tube. Fuels requiring the use of a drop tube should not be used with this valve.