Red Jacket Submersible Pumps

Submersible Turbine Pump


The Red Jacket is a fixed speed submersible turbine pump that optimizes fuel flow to your dispensers. Its motor performance delivers higher flow rates than any other motor in the industry. It features Red Jacket’s advanced packer manifold design, making it the industry’s easiest and safest STP to install and service. Available in ¾HP to 2HP configurations and fixed or variable Quick Set lengths.

Key features:Red-Jacket-Pump-Installed.jpg

  • Superior motor design delivers higher flow rates, lower power consumption and increased safety and reliability
  • Advanced Packer Manifold delivers automatic fuel drain and electrical disconnect for increased site and environmental safety
  • Built-in isolated contractor’s box for quicker and safer installation

Pump Control Box


Red Jacket offers a broad range of pump control boxes to help sites optimize flow. Together with our Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps, our control boxes are engineered to reduce downtime, increase safety and help operators take control of their profits.

IQ Control Box

Red Jacket's IQ Control Box is a submersible turbine pump interface that improves the longevity of the submersible pump motor. It’s engineered to provide protection from dry-run conditions, locked rotor and site voltage fluctuations. It cuts downtime and boosts bottom line profits by warning site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel. Plus, it meets fuel flow requirements, provides seamless backup and extends motor life by staging multiple pumps based on site fuel demand.

Key features:

  • Allows for demand-based staging of multiple pumps to control fuel flow based on changing fuel demand
  • Automatically resets after dry run condition when fuel is added to the tank to minimize downtime
  • Protects wiring and controls from locked rotor or high current
  • Warns site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel
  • Monitors site power conditions to ensure long motor life and uninterrupted fueling