Simplex SmartFilter


  • Filtration, maintenance system for fuel oil in bulk, long-term storage
  • For permanent, on-site installation, indoor or outdoor
  • Comprehensive system: pump, filter and water removal elements, controller
  • Fully automated
  • 5-50 GPM
  • 2 micron final filtration
  • 5 PPM water removal
  • Single or multiple tanks


The Simplex SmartFilter Series comprises a standard, engineered design family of fuel oil filtration, conditioning and maintenance systems. These systems are intended for use with fuel oil held in bulk, long-term storage, including underground and aboveground main supply tanks, large generator sub-base tanks and large day tanks.

Typical tank capacities are in excess of 5000 gallons, with 10,000-20,000 gallon or larger tanks being common. The SmartFilter system provides typical 8-hour filtration rates to cycle 25%- 33% of tank capacity on a weekly basis.

Principal uses of the SmartFilter are with fuel tanks dedicated to diesel or turbine engine generator sets or with oil-fired boiler or process heat systems.