Tarsco Bolted Storage Tanks

CommTank is a certified installer of Tarsco liquid and dry bolted storage tank systems. Tarsco is a member of the TF Warren Group ofAboveground Fire Protection Storage Tank Companies, which has been serving industrial clients for over 30 years. Tarsco bolted tank systems are used in potable water, fire protection, petroleum storage and wastewater applications.

Bolted flat-panel tanks offer outstanding performance, reliability and ease of installation. Tarsco flat-seam, field assembled design is the most advanced technology in the bolted-tank industry. Using the latest sealant to replace all strip gaskets, Tarsco dramatically reduces the possibility of bolted-panel seam leaks. Flat-panel design provides a smooth interior wall surface superior to older flanged panel designs.

Flat-Panel Bolted Tank Advantages

Aboveground Bolted Wasterwater Storage Tank

  • Speed and ease of manufacturing and construction
  • Worry-free quality in design and coatings
  • Least expensive solution over a lifetime
  • Inline design increases sealing capabilities
  • Green-friendly, eliminating environmental concerns
  • Lower production cost due to economical shipping and elimination of field welding
  • Bolted tanks can be relocated and expanded, improving residual value

Tarsco panels are finished at their factory with a thermalBolted Fire Protection Tank fusion bonded powder coating. Tarsco provides epoxy powder coating techniques resulting in superior coverage to ensure long term service in the field. Powder coating is electrostatically applied and thermally cured, all within a factory-controlled climate which equates to extremely low emissions for environmentally sound production.

Quality Control

  • Each panel is 100% holiday free when it leaves the factory
  • Shipment pallets are built job specific and also built larger than panels to eliminate coating or transportation damage
  • Panels are stacked to pallets in sequence of erection; this eliminates handling panels excessively
  • Protective sheets of heavy paper are placed between each panel when stacked on shipping pallets to Bolted Flat Panel Advantages ensure no abrasions during transportation

With decades of experience, combined with state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility, Tarsco can manufacture any volume of storage you may require. Check out this video that shows the new laser production system at Tarsco that will reduce cost, improve quality and shorten the production schedule of your bolted tank project.

For an example of our work, please see the bolted water storage tank installation, located in the projects section of our web site.