Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauges

fuel-management.pngAutomatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) installed by CommTank, are designed and manufactured by Veeder-Root and are in used in monitoring more than 500,000 underground storage tanks world wide. As the world's leading supplier of ATGs, Veeder-Root offers a wide range of tank gauges to meet the monitoring needs of petroleum sites. The tank monitoring systems can be configured to provide in-tank leak detection for underground storage tank (UST) applications or to support Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) applications. Additional configurable options are designed to provide printed documentation and remote monitoring flexibility. The optional integral printer provides fast, quiet continuous printouts. The SiteFax option can be programmed to transmit leak detection and inventory reports, as well as real-time alarm reporting to fax machines or other communications devices. Standard features include back-up generator capabilities, as well as capacity to accept up to eight Veeder-Root Series 7943 float-switch sensors. This high quality, low cost family of sensors includes interstitial leak sensors for steel and fiberglass tanks, piping sump sensors, hydrostatic sensors, and discriminating dispenser pan and containment sump sensors.


The TLS-300C is ideal for smaller, 1 or 2 tank retailers and commercial operators, while the TLS-300I is big help for smaller, 3 or 4 tank retailers. Both provide basic fuel and compliance monitoring with the proven reliability of more than a half million Veeder-Root tank installations worldwide. They can be configured to provide in-tank leak detection or continuous statistical leak detection (CSLD) for your underground storage tanks.

Key features:

  • Tank gauge system monitoring for up to two tanks (TLS-300C), and up to four tanks (TLS-300I)
  • In-tank warnings and alarms for leaks, overfills, low product, sudden loss, high water, delivery needs, test failures, tank tests not performed
  • Integral printer documents inventory leak detection, alarms, and setup information
  • SiteFax modem for remote management of leak detection and inventory alarms and reports


The TLS-350 is the most widely installed tank gauging solution in the world. Designed for retail and commercial operations wanting the flexibility to choose compliance and fuel management features for their individual operation. Offers the benefits of in-tank inventory, proven leak detection, complete compliance, and the ability to upgrade with additional connectivity for optimum flexibility – all with the reliability that only comes with more than a half million tank installations worldwide.

Key features:

  • Continuous inventory monitoring and reporting
  • Flexibility to choose the compliance and fuel management features right for you
  • Leading-edge leak detection technology as an upgrade option
  • SiteFax capability to allow you to send multiple reports across multiple fax lines on a programmed schedule that you set


The TLS-450 is future-forward technology and the most fully featured tank gauge solution. Designed to monitor and help protect your tanks, it offers industry-leading accuracy and maximum flexibility for your station operations. Manage inventory, deliveries, and alarm information from any computer, smart device/phone, or iPad – anywhere. Its intuitive graphical user interface and Web-enabled technology can be fully tailored and provide one-touch access to all federal, state, and local agency reports. This is technology designed to grow with you.

Key features:

  • Manage Your Fuel, Anywhere, Anytime with the TLS Polling App.
  • Web enabled, allowing users to manage fuel and compliance information online from any Web browser at any location
  • Leverages business inventory reconciliation (BIR) technology to identify and reconcile variances in your fuel deliveries
  • Utilizes AccuChart II for pinpoint tank calibration
  • Fully scalable, for today/tomorrow’s needs

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