Water Storage Tanks

CommTank is a certified installer of Highland HighDRO Potable Water and Fire Protection Tanks. The HighDRO series are atmospheric water storage tanks designed specifically for use in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. These prefabricated tanks are also available for Rainwater and Wastewater applications.

What are the benefits of a potable water tank? Highland-Potable-Water-Tank.jpg

Potable water tanks provide a safe and contaminant free way to store drinking water and are particularly beneficial when there is no access to municipal water supply. These steel tanks are compliant with UL, NSF, and AWWA standards to assure the highest water quality. Potable tanks are polymer composite lined to prevent corrosion, and are pressure tested for tightness before they are shipped from the manufacturing facility.

Why install a Fire Protection tank? Highland-Fire-Protection-Tank.jpg

During seasonal water shortages the local municipal water pressure may drop to levels that are unsuitable to fight a fire. State or local codes can also require on-site water storage so that fire fighters have sufficient supply during an emergency.

What are my installation options?

Multiple tank configurations can be designed for your site where increased volume is needed, or space is limited. Tanks are available in volumes from 185-gallons up to 60,000-gallons. Rainwater and Wastewater tanks are available for both aboveground and underground installations. CommTank offers a free site visit and evaluation of your project so that we can make a recommendation that meets your needs. Please call us for an appointment today.