Wayne Dispensers

CommTank is an authorized installer and reseller of Wayne products. Wayne offers high end petroleum dispensers providing unmatched reliability and durability. Heavy duty construction, sturdy materials and time-proven components make these dispensers an excellent fit for small service stations, marinas, airports and specialized applications like kerosene dispensing. 

Reliance G5200 SeriesGas Dispenser at a Marina

Wayne Reliance G5200 Series Retail Mechanical Dispensers provide superior operation and performance with flow rates up to 22GPM. The durable construction and tough powder-coated finish make it reliable in even the harshest environments. It is available in many configurations so you can select the model that best meets your needs. It is a simple, economical solution built for years of hassle-free retail functionality.

Easy to install and use

A single AC power line feed makes retrofitting existing installations simple. Hinged doors make it quick and easy to access internal components for servicing, and vertical strainer removal minimizes spills during cleaning. Mechanical registers further reduce maintenance costs through simplicity and durability.

Ready for tomorrow’s fuels today 

The UL-listed Reliance E85** option (E/ model prefix) employs special elastomers, electroless nickel-plating, hard anodizing, stainless steel, black iron piping and a special ethanol-compatiblefilter to provide compatibility with E85 fuel. The E85 option is available for all remote dispenser models and is also compatible with standard petroleum products like gasoline and diesel. Dispense E85 today or utilize standard fuels with the peace of mind that you are prepared for conversion to alternative fuels in the future.

Standard Features 

  • Powder-coated finishWayne-5200-Series-Dispenser-2.JPG 
  • Galvanized steel cabinet panels and supports 
  • V/R 10 computing mechanical register with power reset interlock 
  • Lights 
  • Gear-type pumping units on suction models 
  • One horsepower motor on suction models 
  • Two-piston positive displacement meter 
  • Large inlet/outlet castings 
  • One-inch internal piping 
  • Internal satellite connection port for remote models 
  • Internal filters 
  • Four-year anti-corrosion warranty 
  • Single AC power line

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel panels
  • E85 compatibility
  • High hose mast and internal retractors
  • Inlet check valve
  • Solenoid valves on suction models
  • External filter kits
  • Pulsers
  • Factory-installed Healy VAC vapor recovery
  • Liter measure
  • 230VAC operation
  • 50 Hz operation

Reliance G6200 Mechanical Fleet DispenserWayne-6200-Series-Dispenser-Stainless-Cabinet-2.jpg

Wayne Reliance G6200 Mechanical Fleet Dispensers provide precise measurements at a flow rate of up to 22 GPM. The large capacity inlet/outlet castings, one-inch internal filters, and discharge connections allow for superior flow performance. The one horsepower motor on suction models offers extra capacity which extends the life of the motor. Plus, the micro-accurate positive displacement two-piston meter is weights and measures sealable and provides precise measurement at any flow rate. Among other options, this series offers remote dispensers, and suction pump or satellite configurations.

Exceptionally adaptable to your needs

The Reliance G6200 dispenser gives you flexible configuration choices so you can select a dispenser that matches your needs. The one-inch hose discharge includes a ¾-inch adapter allowing all models to be easily adapted to either hose size for standard gasoline or high flow diesel applications. Choose from remote dispenser, suction pump or satellite configurations in addition to a wealth of other options.

  • High hose masts and internal retractors keep hoses out of fueling laneWayne-6200-Series-Dispenser-Flamesheild-Tank.jpg
  • Pulsers support connection to popular fuel control systems
  • Panel lighting enhances register viewing at night
  • Factory-installed Healy VAC vapor recovery for ORVR and EVR applications
  • E85 option offers compatibility with ethanol fuel
  • Stainless steel cabinet lasts in corrosive environments
  • Lane-oriented nozzle boot conveniently positions nozzle on front bevel

Convenient, simple installation and maintenance

Simple installation and low maintenance are among the many ways the Reliance G6200 dispenser improves productivity and reduces operation costs. A single AC power line feed makes retrofitting to existing installations easy. Its hinged doors can be removed if necessary by simply pushing a button for simple access during routine maintenance. The gear-type pumping units (suction models) endure years of hard use, and the reliable mechanical registers require little maintenance. Additionally, vertical strainer removal minimizes spills during maintenance, and an adjustable v-link belt in suction models simplifies motor tension adjustment.

Reliance S1 Shelf-Mount Fleet Fuel Dispenser

Wayne Reliance S1 Shelf-Mount Fleet Fuel Dispensers offer the same capabilities as standard full-length cabinet fleet dispensers in a compact, space saving design. The small cabinet and low nozzle position attach easily to any aboveground storage tank making it ideal for special applications. With many options available, a dispenser can be found to meet your exact needs.

The Reliance S1 AST combines space-saving design with full-featured performanceShelf Mount Dispenser from Wayne

  • Compact size is ideal for AST shelf-attached applications and other special situations like marinas
  • Accurately records fuel usage with a weights and measures sealable meter
  • Available in an E85 compatible model for an easy transition to alternative fueling

Big performance in a small package 

With all of the heavy-duty features and components found in a full-length Reliance remote dispenser, the Reliance S1 AST enables fast fleet fueling with flow rates up to 22 GPM*. Micro-accurate two piston displacement meters accurately track fuel flow and are weights and measures sealable. Additionally, the power reset function with interlock automatically resets the register when the dispenser is turned on, and the mechanical register provides simple, reliable functionality. The Reliance S1 AST also includes a solenoid valve for positive fuel control. Large inlet/ outlet castings, one-inch internal piping and discharge connections further enhance flow performance. 

Configurable to a wide range of requirements 


The Reliance S1 AST has many options available so you can select the dispenser that meets your exact needs. Pulsers enable connection to popular fuel control systems and easily accessible external filters can help ensure fuel purity while simplifying maintenance. Select the hose mast option to ease hose handling and to keep hoses out of the fueling lane, or choose stainless steel panels for increased protection against the harsh elements. 

Exceptional durability 


Engineered with field-proven components, the Reliance S1 ASTwithstands rough use and exposure to the elements. Its attractive powder-coated finish lasts for years in tough settings, and the cabinet panels are made from galvannealed steel for corrosion resistance. Plus, the stainless steel option is available for extremely corrosive situations. Sturdy mechanical registers are reliable and require minimal maintenance, and the dispenser does not rely on gaskets that can deteriorate for weather-sealing. 

Series Electronic Fleet Fuel Dispensers

Because reducing fueling time increases efficiency and productivity, the Select Series’ superior technology supports three different high flow rate series for a swift fueling experience. This means more time on the road for your vehicles. All series include island-oriented (side) or lane-oriented front nozzle configurations so you can match your specific operational requirements. 

Wayne Select Dispenser Installation for Fleets

Select EC Series - The Select Enhanced Capacity Series provides fueling speeds up to 22 GPM*. Six suction pump and six remote dispenser configurations are available. The EC Series utilizes the Wayne intelligent iMeter®, proven in demanding retail stations around the globe. The suction models feature powerful one horsepower motors for maximum flow performance with gear-type pumping units for years of rugged reliability. And the remote dispenser models include internal filters to ensure product purity. All models have one-inch discharges with 3/4-inch adapters, allowing them to be easily adapted to either hose size for gasoline or higher flow diesel applications. Maximum flow can be conveniently controlled electronically through the dispenser configuration to meet spit-back and vapor recovery requirements. 

Select SHC Series - The Select Super High Capacity Series offers flow rates up to 36 GPM*. It includes two iMeters and two pumps (suction models) connected to a single hose for superior performance. Choose from two suction models and eight different remote dispenser configurations including two satellite models that enable truck saddle tank fueling. 

Select UHC Series - The Select Ultra High Capacity Series delivers high capacity fueling. Through a combination of advanced technology and streamlined hydraulics for amazing flow performance, it delivers a flow rate of up to 60 GPM* for master and satellite hoses combined. It is available in 12 remote dispenser configurations including three satellite models for convenient truck saddle tank fueling, and all UHC dispensers are ready for satellite connections. The Select UHC Series is designed to match your specific requirements with unique configuration options such as two hoses on the same side for easy product selection or filling double tanks located on one side of a truck. The UHC Series features a Liquid Controls® meter for high flow throughput. Plus, dual internal 40 GPM filters are placed before the meter on each hose. Fuel is efficiently filtered from one location without sacrificing flow performance before it is dispensed through the master or satellite feeds.

Ovation Fuel Dispenser

Ovation2 fuel dispensers offer industry-leading “under-the-hood” technologies including:

  • A choice of meters to best match your fuel demands.
  • Flexible alternative fuel solutions.
  • A range of payment solutions to meet your current and future needs.
  • A variety of high-end media capabilities and interactive features.

So regardless of the specific needs of your operation, Ovation2 fuel dispensers can be tailored to fit the exacting standards of your forecourt.

A fuel dispenser must be intuitive — enabling and streamlining the transaction while employing privacy and security features that help your customers feel comfortable. Ovation2 fuel dispensers can lead your customer through each step in the process, from swipe, to selection, to “See you again soon.” All in the only fully ADA-compliant dispenser on the market.