Advanced In-dispenser Fleet Fueling Control


Keeping vehicles fueled is the lifeline of organizations that depend on a fleet for their operations, and it involves much more than simply having fuel dispensers on site. Fuel must be readily accessible to employees who need it to perform their jobs, but also restricted from unauthorized users. Plus, management needs the correct information to maintain fuel inventory and be aware of any vehicle maintenance and operations issues.

The Wayne iX Fleet™ fuel control system, used in conjunction with Wayne Select™ electronic fleet dispensers, helps improve efficiency through sophisticated technology. Consisting of an in-dispenser terminal (IDT) and a controller, the iX Fleet fuel control system delivers remote and on-site fleet fueling control and management for one location or many.

Installed in Select electronic fleet dispensers, the IDT helps simplifies installation and the user interface by moving access control directly to the point of fueling. The distributed system architecture allows each dispenser to independently authorize fueling transactions for a quicker response and enhanced up-time. The iX Fleet fuel controller uses Microsoft® Windows® operating system and SQL Server databases to capture and store information from the dispenser, as well as provide centralized remote system management. It also delivers advanced reporting functionality, all from an easy-to-use dashboard display interface. Software is pre-loaded on the controller, simplifying, and expediting the system start-up.


Secure access control

The iX Fleet fuel control system provides a wide range of controls so you can tightly manage your fueling operation.

Vehicle Controls

  • Control which vehicles have fueling accessWayne-IX-Series-User-Key-Fobs.jpg
  • Limit the maximum amount of fuel per transaction
  • Help ensure accurate odometer entry with odometer reasonability controls
  • Specify and restrict fuel type by vehicle
  • Flag vehicles in violation of allowable MPG ranges• Limit fueling locations

Employee Controls

  • Control which employees are allowed fueling access
  • Restrict the number of times an employee can access fuel per day
  • Specify the types of vehicles an employee can fuel
  • Limit fueling locations

Dispenser Controls

  • Stipulate days of the week and hours per day a dispenser is accessible
  • Restrict fill amount per dispenser• Automatically disable a dispenser after several “no quantity” transactions

Distributed dispenser control

Each Select electronic fleet dispenser is equipped with an IDT for user entries, authorization, control, and transaction recording which provides redundancy to make sure your fleet stays on the road. For the ultimate in convenience, dual hose dispensers may be equipped with an IDT on each side, with access to one or both hoses. Or for a more economical solution, only one IDT may be installed on one side of the dual dispenser, allowing simultaneous control of both hoses. Select electronic fleet dispensers may be ordered from the factory with IDTs, or existing Select electronic fleet dispensers may be easily retrofitted with the terminals.

Flexibility to fit your requirements

Authenticate access to fuel either by vehicle or user, and select the ideal identification method including:

  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) contactless key fob
  • Magnetic stripe card• HID proximity card or tag
  • Keypad entry

HID and mag-stripe options provide the flexibility to use existing building security or national fleet cards for authorizing transactions, eliminating the inconvenience of carrying a second tag or card for fueling authorization. IDs on the tags or cards are linked to the databases on the controller to allow the control of fueling parameters. In addition to authenticating users or vehicles, the iX Fleet fuel control system can prompt for additional information at the dispenser such as odometer readings, employee or vehicle identification numbers, or specific details relevant to your organization.

Centralized management

Wayne-IX-Series-Desktop-Application.jpgThe iX Fleet fuel controller with department, employee, and vehicle SQL databases puts centralized management control at your fingertips. Access IDs are linked to the databases and you can easily change fueling parameters at any time. All changes are conveniently entered on the central iX Fleet fuel controller and are automatically downloaded to each dispenser, along with the latest odometer information gathered from fueling transactions. Vehicle type and employee templates with common parameters simplify data entry.

The detailed reporting functionality of the iX Fleet fuel control system provides further insight into your operations. Using the flexible report writer, users can create custom transaction reports and sort data by department, specified values, ranges, times, and field entry parameters. The system also helps you control your fuel inventory by calculating tank inventories from dispenser transactions and tank delivery and adjustment entries.

Management dashboard software

The visual dashboard display on the iX Fleet fuel controller helps simplify fuel site management by providing a real-time snapshot of items requiring attention in your entire fueling operation on a single screen.Wayne-IX-Series-Dashboard-Software-2.jpg

The iX Fleet fuel control dashboard helps you answer critical questions at-a-glance.

  • Which locations need fuel?
  • Are all sites, fueling equipment, and communications functioning properly?
  • Were all users able to get fuel? If not, why?
  • Do any vehicles require maintenance?
  • Are there any potential pilferage issues?
  • What is our fuel usage and how does it compare to past records?