Fiberglass Underground Tanks

CommTank is a certified installer of Xerxes fiberglass underground storage tanks and has nearly 20 years of tank installation experience. We install every Xerxes underground tank to meet the strict Xerxes installation and operating guidelines.

Xerxes is part of the ZCL® Composites group of companies manufacturing underground and aboveground fiberglass tanks for a wide range of applications, primarily petroleum products. Combined, the Xerxes brand in the United States and the ZCL brand in Canada makes ZXL Composites North America’s largest manufacturer of underground storage tanks.


Benefits of Double-Wall Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Underground Storage Tanks:

Corrosion Resistance – External corrosion protection will always be a concern, but, with the widespread use of ethanol-blended gasoline (E10, E15, E85), biodiesel fuels and ultra-low sulfer diesel (ULSD), the focus has shifted to internal corrosion protection. These new biofuels are creating increasing incidents of aggressive microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) of metal components in fueling systems. Fiberglass tanks are not vulnerable to internal corrosion caused by MIC. Neither do they rust externally due to corrosive soil environments.

Fuel Compatibility – In addition to creating corrosive conditions in tanks, new ethanol-blended fuels today also raise questions regarding compatibility of the stored fuel with tank materials. Xerxes double-wall fiberglass tanks are not only warranted for the full range of ethanol-blended gasoline, they are also UL-tested and UL-listed as compatible with 0-100 percent ethanol storage. This is a very clear and distinct difference from steel storage tanks.

Track Record – With hundreds of thousands of tanks installed thoughout North America during the last three decades, fiberglass tanks have an outstanding record of both protecting the environment and minimizing tank owners’ risk. The great majority of new underground tanks installed today for North America's largest fuel retailers and commercial fleet facilities are fiberglass tanks. After exploring their options and evaluating years of product performance, these tank owners overwhelmingly continue to choose fiberglass.

Multicompartment Underground Storage Tanks

These Xerxes tanks are a popular choice among retail gasoline marketers and fleet fueling owners. The ability to store two or three grades of fuel, or gasoline and diesel, in a single tank is particularly appealing when the amount of onsite space needed for multiple tanks is either not available or difficult to obtain.

Xerxes Multicompartment UST