Royal Sonesta 1000-gallon UST Replacement with AST

Royal Sonesta 1000-gallon UST Replacement with AST

CommTank removed a 1,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) and replaced it with a 750-gallon aboveground storage tank (AST) on a concrete pad at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA.

CommTank crews started the Royal Sonesta project by setting up a temporary 275-gallon Roth tank next to the emergency generator and installing fuel lines to it. The remaining fuel was transferred into the Roth tank and a fuel storage tank on our service truck. The top of the UST was hand excavated due to the confined space to work. The 1000-gallon UST was cut open and cleaned before being removed from the ground.  The tank was then prepared for the fire department inspection and the excavation bottom was screened for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When no VOCs were found, the excavation was filled with clean sand and stone, and the UST was taken to a licensed tank yard.

Check valve and fill pipe assembly

The same area where the UST was removed was then compacted and covered with ¾ crushed stone for a new concrete pad. The pad was constructed using #5 rebar and poured to 8” thick. A new Highland 750-gallon dual wall AST was delivered on site and placed on to the concrete pad. A 12’ high vent pipe was installed with an audible overfill alarm. Emergency relief vents were installed for both the primary containment and interstitial spaces. A lockable fill port was installed with a 5-gallon overfill containment as part of the piping for the supply and return lines. The Pneumercator interstitial space sensor and level probe from the UST were reused in the AST. A CommTank technician re-certified the Pneumercator, tested the generator and left the system ready for operation.

Completed aboveground storage tank installation

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