Horizon Beverage 10,000-gallon Diesel AST Installation

Horizon Beverage 10,000-gallon Diesel AST Installation

CommTank installed a new aboveground storage tank (AST) at Horizon Beverage in Norton, MA. The project included the installation of a Stanwade Flameshield double-walled 10,000-gallon diesel fuel storage tank, Veeder-Root Fuel Management System, Topkat Inventory Control Management System, two column canopy and two fuel dispensers. This was a turnkey project with all components and setup furnished by CommTank.

10,000 Gallon Fuel Tank Installation Details

Project Set Up

  • Obtained necessary permits from the Norton Fire Department
  • Furnished a site-specific health & safety plan
  • Conducted Dig Safe utility clearance of the property
  • Created an AutoCAD drawing detailing the installation of the system
  • Submit the installation plans to the Norton Fire Department for approval

Electrician is wiring the Wayne Select Series Dispensers

Tank Installation

  • Installed one 6” thick steel reinforced concrete pad per 527 CMR 4.03 (8) “Tanks: Installations Outside Buildings” including excavating proper grade
  • Furnished and installed one new 10,000-gallon UL-142 dual-wall AST with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Furnished and installed tank supports and anchorage devices
  • Furnished and installed spill and overfill prevention measures sufficient to fulfill the requirements of 527 CMR 9.00
  • Furnished and installed new fuel lines which were connected to the new fuel dispenser
  • Furnished and installed a new Morrison Bros. fuel level gauge
  • Furnished and installed one 15-gallon remote spill containment
  • Furnished and installed a new vent alarm with a 2” schedule 40 steel vent riser with approved vent cap.
  • Furnished and installed an emergency relief vent on the primary and secondary containment of the AST
  • Formed and poured a concrete pad/island for the new dispensers
  • Installed thirteen 5” diameter bollards surrounding the new AST
  • Installed two U-shaped bollards to be located in front of each dispenser
  • Furnished and installed a one 1/2 HP submersible pump with control box and solenoid valve
  • Furnished and installed two standard Dresser Wayne Select® diesel dispensers with digital gallon readers, green doors, two hoses and handles

Topkat fuel management system is installed and ready to use

Fuel Management System

  • Furnished and installed a new Veeder-Root fuel management system inside the building
  • Furnished and installed a new Veeder-Root fuel level probe, interstitial space sensor and weather-proof audible and visual overfill alarm

Inventory Control Management System Installation

  • Furnished and installed a new Topkat™ fuel management system with 150 keys, PCMCIA memory card, short haul modem, windows report software and one annual support contract for the software
  • Re-used the existing conduit to run wiring and provided power to the new TopKat™
  • Ran new conduit and wiring from the new TopKat™ to the disperser
  • Used the existing conduit to run communication wires from the new TopKat™ to a computer inside the building
  • Subcontracted the services of a TopKat™ certified technician to connect all terminations, start up the system, install software and provide customer training on set up and reports
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