Putnam Investments Aboveground Tank Repair

Putnam Investments hired CommTank to repair a 10,000-gallon aboveground tank that supplied diesel fuel to a backup generator. The tank was originally tested and inspected by CommTank’s API 653-certified inspector and was found to have corrosion at the tank top, sides, and bottom. CommTank crews pumped out approximately 7,000-gallons and cleaned the tank to prepare it for the tank repair process.

The tank interior required grinding and sanding in multiple locations to remove corrosion. The corroded surfaces were then filled to restore the metal to the same thickness as the surrounding steel. CommTank crews sanded, primed and painted the tank interior, two manways and all the tank flanges. When the paint dried the crews installed the gauge, probe and manways. The primary tank wall was then vacuum tested and the secondary tank wall was tested using nitrogen. A fuel distributor refilled the tank and the lines were bled and the system was tested.

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