Aboveground Storage Tank Repair and Coating Restoration

Aboveground Storage Tank Repair and Coating Restoration

CommTank repaired the insulation foam and restored the coating on a 300,000-gallon fire suppression aboveground storage tank at an Amazon Warehouse located in Dedham, Massachusetts. The customer preferred to save the water stored in the tank, so CommTank provided twelve 21,000-gallon frac tanks. Crews transferred approximately 250,000-gallons of water from the fire suppression storage tank to the frac tanks.

Exterior insulation of water storage tank

With the water removed, the crew entered and cleaned the tank. All coating failures and/or corrosion was documented and the areas were cleaned by power washing. Technicians prepared the tank interior for spot welding and spot coating. Sanding and grinding were done on individual spots that needed repair. The guardrail and ladder were sanded and ground in preparation for weld repairs. Welding of the interior was done using puddle weld seams and patch plates on the interior floor and wall. A foam coating was applied over the existing foam on the tank exterior. After curing, an elastomeric coating was applied over the foam coating. An epoxy coating was applied to the welded/ground areas and the guardrail and ladders were painted. After the restoration was completed, water from the frac tanks was transferred back into the fire suppression storage tank.

Completed coating over foam insulation

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