Interplex Etch Logic – Aboveground Storage Tank Restoration

Interplex Etch Logic – Aboveground Storage Tank Restoration

Interplex Etch Logic was established following the acquisition of the metal chemical etching division of Texas Instruments, considered by many to be the world's leading reel-to-reel chemical etcher. They contacted CommTank to repair a tank used to store processed wastewater in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The tank was an open-top steel tank and some erosion was evident on the inner tank walls. The customer expressed that the tank needed welding repairs. They also wanted to coat the tank with an epoxy lining after sandblasting and repairs were done.

Technician is welding new steel plate to the tank bottom

CommTank proposed to clean, sand, prime and coat the interior of the aboveground processed wastewater tank. Before starting the work we prepared a confined space entry permit and a site-specific health and safety plan. We then entered the tank and installed a temporary floor and set up scaffolding. The crew power washed the inner walls to remove residual fluids and sandblasted the entire interior to the SSPC-SP5 profile (white metal finish). Crews cut out damaged sections of the tank and welded in new steel plates. After sanding and inspecting the repair welds we applied a scratch coat to the inner surfaces. When the primer dried we applied two coats of the epoxy. To confirm the tank coating consistency CommTank scanned the interior of the tank with a holiday meter. Any spots that failed the test were recoated to meet the manufacturer's specification. The tank restoration was complete and the tank was placed back in operation.

Kevin Hoag is performing a holiday test on the epoxy coating

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