Worcester Airport Jet Fuel Tank Testing

Worcester Airport Jet Fuel Tank Testing

CommTank performed an underground tank test for Massport at the Worcester Airport on July 5, 2016. We tested one 10,000-gallon tank used for gasoline storage and two 20,000-gallon tanks used to store Jet A fuel. A non-volumetric tank test was performed on the underground storage tanks (USTs) using the Estabrook Ezy3 Locator test system. The EZY 3 Locator Plus tests the entire tank system, including the product and vent lines.

Tank Tightness Testing Steps:

1. The tank was checked for the presence of water using a water detecting paste.

2. The water level beneath the tank was measured using existing monitoring wells.

3. The tank vent and supply lines were plugged prior to the start of the test. The transducer was placed 4 inches below the base of the riser (fill pipe).

4. The tank was placed under vacuum. The pressure gauge held constant and the test was started.

The results of the test indicated that the three tanks are sound and meet the tank tightness specifications. Additionally, the monitoring wells were measured for water levels using an oil water interface probe. There was groundwater present at the time of the test and it was free of contamination.

Aviation fuel farm in Worcester Massachusetts

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