Bolted Water Storage Tank Installation

Bolted Water Storage Tank Installation

This project was performed for Bostik Corporation in Middleton, Ma. They required a fire protection storage tank that would supply water for three buildings on site. A pump station will be installed to pressurize 8” concrete lined steel piping.  This NFPA-22 single wall insulated fire protection aboveground storage tank (AST) was designed and installed to store clear water.

Geotechnical soil testing was required before setting the foundation for the water storage tank. CommTank reviewed the soil evaluation reports to ensure allowable bearing capacity of 3000psf static /4500psf dynamic.

Soil Boring Log

Tank Foundation Soil Boring Log

The concrete ring foundation is about 23-24" in width all the way around instead of the recommended 18".  This allowed us to have a little room to accommodate any error in the foundation as we hand built and placed the forms.  The original reveal was intended to be 12" from the outside edge of the concrete ring foundation to the tank shell wall.  The tank shell wall was directly centered in the middle of the tank ring foundation.

Upon completion of the installation the water storage tank was pressurized to 4 pounds per square inch (PSI) for more than one hour to show the tightness of the tank. Hydro-static testing, obtaining of water for the testing, or disposal of water for the testing was not included in the scope of this project.

Project Set Up

  • Obtain necessary permits (installation, building, trench, electrical, etc.)
  • Provide Dig Safe utility clearance of the property (identify underground utilities)
  • Create an AutoCAD drawing detailing the upgrade of the system
  • Submit the installation plans to the local fire department for approval

Fire Protection Storage Tank Plan

Concrete Ring Foundation

  • Provide and install one reinforced 4000psi concrete ring wall foundation for the proposed tank
  • Provide soil compaction and concrete compressive strength testing with reports

A bolted water storage tank installed at Bostik

Tank Center Foundation

  • Remove and dispose of on site of approximately 350 yards of non-engineered soil from the middle of the tank ring foundation
  • Provide and install one 2,500psf compacted soil foundation for the water storage tank inside the ring wall foundation.
  • Provide soil compaction testing with reports

Fire Protection Tank Construction at Bostik

Provide and install a 315,000-galion single wall insulated tank AWWA D1 03-09/ NFPA-22 AST

  • 46.15' diameter x 26.92' tall Carbon Steel Fire Protection Water Storage Tank
  • Total Nominal Capacity 336,977 gallons
  • Usable Volume of Approximately 318,203 gallons
  • Specific Gravity of 1.0
  • 12" Freeboard
  • 45psf Deck Load
  • 2:12 Slope Roof With Center Columns
  • Supported With A Standard Deck Structure
  • Importance Factor 1.5
  • Site Class D
  • Carbon Steel Material
  • Bolted Construction
  • Asphalt Impregnated Fiber Board And Polyethylene Sheeting As Required
  • Two Half Couplings 1 inch
  • One Half Coupling 1 inch
  • One Deck Manway With Curb 24 inch
  • One Exterior Ladder With Cage And Climb Prevention
  • One Inlet Flange 4 inch single
  • One Flange 4 inch
  • Two Grounding Lugs
  • One 20kW Heater
  • Two Heater Stands
  • Insulated 2 inch Thick Polyisocyanurate Foam With Standard Embossed Aluminum Cladding
  • One Liquid Level Indicator With Gauge Board
  • One Frost Free Mushroom Roof Vent 20 inch
  • One Overflow Pipe With Downcomer And Flap Valve 8 inch
  • Partial Guardrail
  • One Temperature Switch
  • Two Level Switches
  • Two Shell Manways 24 inch
  • One Suction Outlet With Anti-vortex 10 inch
  • Weir Cone 8 inch
  • Coating Thermal Bond 579 Exterior Color Cobalt Blue 4-6 mils
  • Coating Thermal Bond 579 Interior Color White 5-7 mils
  • Coating Thermal Bond 579 Topcoat Color Cobalt Blue 3-4 mils

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