Boston College Polyurea Tank Lining

Boston College Polyurea Tank Lining

CommTank completed an underground storage tank (UST) interior abrasive blasting and lining application for Boston College in Brighton, MA. The UST has a storage capacity of approximately 10,000 gallons, and stores No. 2 fuel oil. The horizontal, cylindrical UST is located adjacent to Saint John’s Seminary. A tank inspection performed by a third party discovered pitting in the tank steel and recommended that the tank be lined to prevent further corrosion.

The work included abrasive blasting the interior of the UST to SSPC-SP5 profile (white metal finish). Once the abrasive blast media was cleaned from the interior of the tank, the tank profile was checked for the correct profile using ASTM D 4417 Method B. A primer polyurea coating was then applied to the interior surfaces. Next a final polyurea coating was applied to the interior of the tank. The coating thickness was measured in accordance with SSPC-PA2 and PA9 and scanned with a Holiday meter.

After an appropriate curing period, the tank interior lining was declared ready for use.

Technicians setting up to work on tank lining

CommTank crew setting up to line the underground tank with Polyurea

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