Cisco Brewing Fiberglass Tank Repair

Cisco Brewing Fiberglass Tank Repair

Commtank was recently hired to repair two 40,000-gallon aboveground fiberglass tanks for the Cisco Brewing company located in Portsmouth New Hampshire. The project also required an inspection of both tanks and power washing internal surfaces of the Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) . Some of the tasks performed by OSHA certified Commtank Technicians included:

  • Provide a Confined Space Entry permit and site-specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Install explosion proof blower to create proper ventilation of work space
  • Assist customer with the pump out and removal of solids within ASTs
  • Temporarily remove existing manways
  • Temporarily plug existing pipes inside the ASTs
  • Provide and set up scaffolding system
  • Provide one (1) 2,500-gallon frac tank

Access to each AST was made via removal of manway covers. The contents of each were pumped out along with any sediment/tank bottom waste. Following pump out, pre-entry testing was performed, using a 4-gas meter. By hand, Technicians prepared area on AST exterior seam around manway for repairs and applied new fiberglass to prepared areas and new fiberglass reinforced seam. Part of this preparation also included three cracks on top of tank roof due for repairs.

Upon completion, Commtank technicians also measured atmospheric conditions to confirm there are no volatile vapors present. Lastly, internal and external tank inspections were performed including a walk around to identify damage to the tanks coating or possible cracking, if any. This examination also included an inspection of tank foundation to ensure there were no signs of settlement, cracking, pitting, and spalling as well as an ultrasonic thickness survey of accessible AST shell surfaces before providing tank inspection reports.

repair the tops of 40,000-gallon tanks

Crews begin to repair the tops of 40,000-gallon tanks located at Cisco Brewing. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Crack in side and around the manway hatch.

Cracks on tank side and around the manway hatch that need repair.

Repairing the exterior to a fiberglass tank

Crack is filled and fiberglass is added to the tank exterior.

Crack on tank floor.

A crack on the tank floor is being prepped for repair.

Tank floor repair

The crack is repaired with fiberglass resin and layers of fiberglass mat.


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