US Coast Guard De-Icer Storage Tank Inspection

US Coast Guard De-Icer Storage Tank Inspection

CommTank provided external inspections of two 5,000-gallon aboveground storage tanks (AST) at the Coast Guard station in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. The Coast Guard adheres to an annual inspection schedule as determined by the Physical Engineer that developed the SPCC plan for this facility.  

Each AST inspection was performed in accordance with STI-SP001

  • Perform a walk around inspection to identify damage to the tanks coating and note deficiencies
  • Inspect vent piping and emergency vents
  • Inspect supports for corrosion or any type of damage
  • Inspect tanks foundation for signs of settlement, cracking , pitting , and spalling
  • Observe the conditions of the anchor bolts to determine if there has been distortion of the bolts or significant cracking around the bolts
  • Verify that the leak detector equipment is operating
  • Perform an Ultrasonic Test on the aboveground storage tank (AST) listed using the GE Panametrics Model 37DLPIUS Ultrasonic Thickness Gage testing device

Aboveground tanks used to store de-icer at the Coast Guard station

CommTank provided a written outcome report that included the following information:

Since the tanks store potassium acetate used for deicing, there was never a vent installed. CommTank’s STI inspector recommended the addition of a vent pipe to protect the tank from excessive pressure changes. The inspector also recommended the addition of a ground strap and grounding rod attached to the tank for lightning protection.

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