Ideal Tape Company Confined Space Cleaning

Ideal Tape Company Confined Space Cleaning

Ideal Tape Company hired CommTank to complete a 2-person confined space cleaning in an industrial oven that's 60' long x 12' wide. They decided to subcontract out the work after cleaning it themselves for 30 years. The company processes specialty industrial tapes in the oven, leaving silicone adhesive by-product that looks like black potato chips all over the walls. The process to clean the ovens required hand scraping the walls, spraying water based soap on all surfaces and pressure washing the oven after the soap solution soaked in. Ideal Tape Company cleans one zone every three weeks.

crew is preparing to enter the confined space of the adhesive oven

The company is a 24x6 operation so the oven is not used on Sunday which allows the oven to cool down for the cleaning process. The oven is divided into three 20' zones and it takes 8 hours to clean one zone.  Access to the oven is from a catwalk which is 5' off the floor. A 3-person support crew provided help to our confined space certified cleaners.  Upon completion of the oven cleaning the Ideal Tape Company evaporated the water and disposed of the hazardous material.

Access to the adhesive oven

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