Greater Boston Legal Services Day Tank

Greater Boston Legal Services Day Tank


Greater Boston Legal Services, a company that provides free civil legal assistance to low-income families, originally hired CommTank to do repairs to their existing 275-gallon aboveground storage day tank. CommTank replaced the pump and piping fittings to the day tank. In addition, we successfully replaced and reconnected the piping supply and return line to the generator. Prior to starting this work, it was necessary for our licensed technicians to remove all product from both the fuel oil supply and return lines. Subsequently, both lines were disconnected so that we were able to replace all corroded fittings at the reconnection point.

The scope of work at GBLS did not conclude there. CommTank was back at the site less than four months later to complete further work. This time we were contracted to install one 15-gallon aboveground fuel storage day tank, and complete the closure in place of one 60-gallon AST. Tanks that are closed in place are typically those under a building foundation, which cannot be properly removed without threatening to impair the foundation of the building. In order to complete a closure in place, you must first obtain written permission from your local Fire Department. Once the tank was completely drained, CommTank filled it to capacity with slurry. Subsequently, the supply, return, and vent lines, along with the fill pipe were completely removed.

New Pryco day tank installed on roof top

Pryco Day Tank Installed

After presenting proper installation drawings, plans and cut sheets to the Boston Fire Department, it was time to begin operation. Under the oversight of G-12 licensed Kevin Hoag, CommTank installed a Pryco day tank, complete with a double wall leak detector and double wall vent kit, on the roof of the building. The next task on the crew's list was to close a 60-gallon tank in place. They first had to pump out all product from the tank and associated piping. CommTank cut open the tank to properly remove all remaining sludge and sediment. The tank was then filled in place with inert material/foam, and all associated vent and fill pipes were fully removed.

Satisfactory operation of the day tank system was ensured prior to being placed in operation.

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