Heritage Village Fiberglass Underground Tank Repair

Heritage Village Fiberglass Underground Tank Repair

CommTank provided a restoration and repair of a 20,000-gallon fiberglass underground storage tank (UST). The water storage system is located in Lambertville, NJ at the Heritage Village. This apartment community is for people 55 years and over and was built in 2005. It has 3 stories with 87 units.

The water storage system included the double-wall fiberglass water storage tank, vent piping, and suction/drafting line piping. The tank was not able to contain its volume of water when we were first contacted and upon inspection it was found to be leaking from a large crack. We determined the crack formed after the installer improperly backfilled the area around the underground tank. The restoration and repair services required filling the cracked fiberglass wall with fiberglass fabric/resin and then adding a top coat of fiberglass fabric/resin.While the work was being done, a temporary water storage tank was provided, so the apartment community could stay open.

Watch this video to see the fiberglass underground water storage tank repair.

Steps to Repair the Fiberglass Water Storage Tank

  • Prepare a confined space entry permit and a site-specific health and safety plan
  • Provide retrieval system, ventilation equipment, supplied air system, communication
  • Equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), lighting, safety barriers, ladders, etc.
  • Enter tank through manway
  • Wipe inner tank walls with absorption pads to remove residual fluids
  • Perform tank inspection identify imperfections, failures in tank, document tank condition
  • Install eight support stringers (ribs) within the tank fiberglass in place
  • Repair tank suction piping
  • Repair tank vent piping
  • Install 10 mil barrier coat (Surface Technology Inc. Barrier coat w/nano plate technology)
  • Install 10 mil gel coat (Surface Technology Inc. Gel coat w/nano plate technology)

This job was completed on February 25, 2014. CommTank pressure tested the tank to ensure the tank integrity after the repairs. The openings to the tank were sealed and the tank was subjected to pneumatic air pressure of 2.5 psig. This pressure was witnessed as held for 1.5 hours. A third party also successfully hydrostatically tested the tank. CommTank warranted the underground tank restoration and repair services for fifteen years from the date of completion.


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