Eastern Bank Underground Tank Installation

Eastern Bank Underground Tank Installation

The underground tank at this site was 15 years old and it provided the heat for the multi-story building, in addition to fuel for the backup generator. We were asked to test the 10,000-gallon steel underground tank in 2005. The tank passed the test but the bank decided it would plan for replacing the underground tank in 2007 so it could avoid a scenario of having to replace the tank in an emergency situation.

A 10,000-gallon double-walled fiberglass tank was chosen as it's replacement. Included are some photos showing the removal of the old underground steel tank and the installation of the new underground fiberglass tank.  The underground tank was installed while the bank was open. No interruption to the regular operation bank occurred. The drive through tellers located next to the underground tank pad remained open during the project and it was completed within one week.

Original UST located under Tree and ShrubsPhoto of the original steel UST located under these trees and shrubs.

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