Charlton Manor Rest Home Fire Suppression Tank Lining

CommTank was contracted by the Charlton Manor Nursing home to inspect a pressurized water holding tank for the facility's sprinkler system. More than 40 years old, the partially buried tank was corroded and could not pass regulatory standards. With no functioning fire protection at the commercial facility, the fire department required a 24-hour fire watch, stationing a fire truck with crew on site. Though required by law, this service was paid for by the owner of Charlton Manor. To mitigate this cost, CommTank obtained a 2,000-gallon pressure vessel, setting it up at the site. Within 36 hours of diagnosing this problem, CommTank had worked with the sprinkler company to hook the system up to this temporary tank, removing the need for the fire watch. 

The underground tank was then sandblasted, inspected, professionally lined with a 2 part epoxy coating, inspected again and certified for use. 

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