Logan Airport FAA Center Fuel Oil Tank Piping Upgrade

This project required the installation of a 300-gallon temporary rental storage tank, the removal of a 275-gallon tank, upgrade of the existing fuel supply and return lines, and relocation of a fuel oil leak monitoring system. 

CommTank was hired as a subcontractor to the FAA during a construction project that involved the replacement of an emergency generator building. CommTank began the project by disconnecting an old temporary tank and removing it from the site. A new 300-gallon double-wall storage tank was installed for temporary use and half inch copper lines were used to connect it to the emergency generator. The tank was installed to supply the emergency generator with diesel fuel while a fuel line upgrade was performed on the underground tank. Once the temporary tank and generator were tested and ready, the existing lines that had connected the generator to the underground storage tank were excavated and exposed. The lines were replaced with double-wall flexible fuel oil suction and fuel oil return lines that were enclosed in a Total Containment™ conduit and connected to the existing Day tank. Commtank also installed stainless steel ball valves on both the supply and return lines in the new piping system at both the underground piping sump and building entry. We then disconnected the temporary tank and reconnected the new piping to the emergency generator. CommTank completed the project by relocating the existing the fuel oil tank leak monitoring system to the new emergency generator building and reconnecting the overfill alarm, reset switch and leak sensor.

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