Herb Chambers BMW Gas Pump and Underground Storage Tank installation

CommTank installed an underground gasoline storage tank (UST) at the new BMW dealership in Sudbury, Ma. The 8,000-gallon gasoline fuel storage tank connected to a single gas pump with a Topkat™ fuel management system.

Herb Chambers was adding new dealerships and preferred to have on site fueling for their fleet of cars. The new building construction made it easy to excavate and install a new 8,000-gallon double-wall steel UST behind the building. The wiring for the Veeder Root tank monitoring system was run through the drop down ceiling using a scissor lift. CommTank installed a Stage I Vapor Recovery System at the fill port and Stage II Vapor Recovery System including nozzles and coaxial hoses at each gasoline pump. A Stage I system prevents escape of vapors during a gasoline delivery, and a Stage II system captures vapors from the vehicle's fuel tank and routes them to the storage tank during the refueling process. CommTank also installed double-wall flexible fuel oil suction and fuel oil return lines that connected to the dispenser, and single-wall, fiberglass reinforced plastic buried vent line. We provided two bollards to protect the new stainless steel gas dispenser from cars approaching the pump. The new double-wall steel UST comes with 30-year manufacturer guarantee and CommTank provides a two year warranty on the installation.

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