Wakefield Gas Station Dispenser Upgrades

Wakefield Gas Station Dispenser Upgrades

Wakefield Gas Station hired CommTank to upgrade four gasoline dispensers including the islands and canopy. The dispenser upgrade included the installation of new three-product (Regular, Plus, Premium) Gilbaro Encore 700 S Series dispensers with digital screens and credit card readers.

CommTank started the project by dismantling the islands and existing dispensers. The crews excavated and exposed the existing piping and replaced it with XP double-wall piping. The underground tanks had Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems that needed to be decommissioned. We replaced the vapor swivel and fill ports on the gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs) with caps and plugged the Stage II recovery line.

Technician is installing the supports for a new canopy.


New containment sumps were installed on each tank and along with leak detection sensors. A Veeder-Root TLS-350 tank management system was installed to monitor the sensors and provide leak detection for each tank.

Concrete footings were poured for the new 48’x40’ four column canopy and 4,000 psi concrete was installed to provide four vehicle access bays. The new American Canopy was constructed on top of 4 square columns and included perimeter gutters and downspouts. Construction of the new canopy was complete when the fire suppression system was installed according to NFPA 17 and the manufacturer’s specifications.

New gas dispenser at the Wakefield Gas

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