Gas Station Underground Storage Tank Upgrades

Gas Station Underground Storage Tank Upgrades

CommTank was contracted by Friendly Barry’s Gas Station to decommission the Stage II Recovery system and upgrade the underground tank components. Decommissioning the Stage II Vapor Recovery required the replacement of the existing gasoline hoses and breakaway nozzles with Stage I Vapor Recovery parts. After replacing the parts each dispenser had to be programmed and tested. CommTank submitted the MassDEP Decommissioning notification form, the PEI RP300 Decommissioning checklist and test results to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

New UST cement pad is cured slowly to prevent cracks

The underground storage tank (UST) upgrades started with the demolition of the existing concrete pad and uncovering of the USTs. The submersible pumps, fuel supply lines and existing sensor conduits were disconnected. CommTank installed four 42” tank sumps, composite manway covers, entry boot fittings and 5-gallon spill containment buckets. Six inches of compacted sand and gravels was placed over the four USTs and rebar was installed. The project was complete when 2,500 square feet was poured and smoothed over the over the excavated area.

Completed UST piping upgrades at Gas Station in Dracut Massachusetts

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