Gasoline Storage System Construction at CarMax

Gasoline Storage System Construction at CarMax

CarMax of Boston hired CommTank to provide a complete gasoline fueling system, including a 12,000-gallon fiberglass underground storage tank (UST), submersible turbine pumps, electrical wiring, electronic monitoring and electronic leak detection system, Stage I vapor recovery system, vent line, fill riser, product piping, fittings, valves, caps, unions and necessary appurtenances, as specified for a complete and operating system.

CommTank provided all necessary and appropriate labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and coordination to perform the work. We also provided the excavation, trenching, and backfilling required for installation of the fuel system. The following is a complete list of components that made up the gasoline fueling system:

  • Dispenser (Gasboy)
  • Dispenser sumps
  • Product piping and fittings
  • Pump/tank sumps and watertight lid assemblies
  • Sump penetration fittings/boots
  • Spill Containers (fill and vapor recovery buckets)
  • Overfill prevention devices
  • Submersible fuel pump (Red Jacket)
  • Underground fuel storage tank (Containment Solutions fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) double-wall)
  • Tank monitoring/inventory control/release detection system (Veeder-Root ATG System)
  • Surface manholes for UST piping sumps

Upon project completion, the gasoline dispensing system was successfully tested. The UST system was then registered with the State and complied with State, County, and local regulations governing underground storage tank systems (UST regulations), including Massachusetts Departmental Protection and Ma Board of Fire Prevention Regulations CMR9.00 (including CMR 9.05).

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