The Bulfinch Companies AST Installation

The Bulfinch Companies AST Installation

CommTank completed the installation of four aboveground fuel storage tanks at 300 Boylston Street, Newton, MA for The Bulfinch Companies, Inc. Bulfinch is a third-generation entrepreneurial commercial real estate investment firm specializing in the development, acquisition, repositioning and management of properties in Greater Boston.

  • One 300 gallon AST for Base Building generator A
  • One 300 gallon AST for Base Building generator B
  • One 600 gallon AST for CCRM
  • One 600 gallon AST for unknown tenant

These tanks, including the piping, pump sets, and related appurtenances, were installed in accordance with all local, state, and federal requirements and regulations.

Double-walled Highland Aboveground Tank

Steps required for the new AST installations:

  • Obtained necessary permits from Local Fire Department
  • Provided and installed (2) 300-gallon Horizontal UL 142 double walled tank aboveground Highland Tank with supports and exterior standard primer
  • Installed emergency vents for the primary and secondary containment
  • Core drilled four 2-inch openings through the foundation wall for new fill and vent pipe
  • Provided and installed one new fill and vent pipe to the exterior of the building
  • Provided and installed one OMNTEC LU9-SP2 leak detection and leak indication panel
  • Provided and installed an interstitial leak sensor into tanks
  • Provided and installed a leak sensor on floor
  • Core drilled one 4-inch opening through the foundation wall for the new section of supply and return lines.
  • Provided and installed new section of fuel supply and return pipes from the top of the tank, connected to the existing piping inside of the building at the pump set
  • Applied epoxy coating on the inside of the containment tank room

This equipment was tested for operational readiness and applicable portions of the piping were tested for integrity (piping pressures, control equipment operation, and leak and overfill operation). Each system was also tested to ensure adequate supervisory control and monitoring as well as fuel pump emergency stops and shut downs.

Omntec Leak Detection and Gauging

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