Havard Fleet Services UST Removal

CommTank provided the cleaning, transportation and disposal of one 5,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) at Havard University’s fleet service department located in Allston, MA. The University planned to replace it with a 2,000 gallon aboveground tank and biodiesel filling station.

This project was not one of our standard UST removals because Harvard provided the excavator to dig up the tank and backfill the area. The project manager from CommTank coordinated the work by obtaining the tank removal permit and scheduling the fire department to be present for the inspection. CommTank technicians cleaned the tank interior and removed 4 drums of sludge. After Harvard’s crew pulled the tank from the ground our technicians inspected the UST and screened the soil underneath for contamination. The fire department also inspected the tank and found no issues with the structural integrity. The UST was then loaded on to a CommTank truck and delivered to a steel recycling yard. The project manager submitted a FP-290R to the fire department and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to show that the underground tank was properly removed.

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