Hydraulic Lift Removal

Hydraulic Lift Removal

CommTank, Inc. was contracted for the removal of an existing hydraulic lift, located in a former auto repair shop in Kittery Maine.

When CommTank technicians were on-site to perform the removal, the piston was found to be empty of hydraulic oil and no auxiliary holding tank was found. The concrete surrounding the piston was excavated with a machine and removed and disposed of. The piston and associated appurtenances were removed and disposed of at a licensed disposal facility. The soil in the excavation sidewalls and pit bottom was field screened with a RAE Systems MiniRAE Photo Ionization Detector (PID), calibrated to measure Total Volatile Organic Vapors (TVOVs) in parts per million (ppm). Each sample measured 0.00ppm and there was no evidence of any leakage occurring or having occurred from the piston.

The area was backfilled and the surrounding concrete was restored. There were no permits required for this service, per the Town of Kittery Code Enforcement Office. A Dig Safe utility clearance was obtained prior to the start of work. The photographs from the project are included below.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Crew cut the cement around the first hydraulic cylinder.

Soil around hydraulic cylinder

The soil around the hydraulic cylinder is tested for petroleum components.

In-ground hydraulic component

Another cylinder is exposed.

Soil is removed from around the old cylinder

Soil is removed from around the old cylinder using an excavator.

Cement floor patch around old lift

The opening is backfilled and patched with cement.

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